Selasa, 13 Oktober 2009


Name :Wincent Octavianus
Class :MKT 11-1C
NIM :2007110132


Indonesia is a big country,but the entertainment still less than other country.Public library is the example.Public library is very rare and does not provide many books.There are many ways we could do for developing public library in Indonesia.First,Public library should be free of charge.Obviously poor people are afraid going to library because they did not have money for pay the service.But,if the government apply the free of charge system,every citizen in every social economic status could come and read plenty of books in the library.Second,Public library should be located in every province in Indonesia.Nowadays Public library just centered in western region and especially in java island.In fact,our human resoueces in eastern region had a lower quality than human resources in western region.This thing could happen because they did not get access for education. The government must build the public library in eastern region because citizen in eastern need education from a book.Third,The government must make Public library as a entertainment place for citizen.After doing a lot if activities,people need entertainment.Public library should provide novel for adult and fairy-tail story book for children.If government could provide novel and story book,citizen could get entertainment and ducation from library in the same time.

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